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  • ECOSlide Sash Windows FAQs

ECOSlide Sash Windows FAQs

How can I order spare parts?

Click on Customer Care under Help & Support in the menu and fill out our Customer Care form. This is for Trade customers only.

Which cill should I use when?

We offer three cill option; 152mm, 185mm and 225mm. 152mm should be used when a non-projecting cill is required. If you require a projecting cill you can choose 185mm or 225mm.

How do I replace the lock?

Replacing a lock on our windows is very easy. Unscrewing the screws on the cam and the locking keep you are able to replace the lock with a new one.

How many locks, handles and pole eyes does each window come with?

Windows that are 799mm and under will be fitted with one cam lock. Windows 800mm and over are fitted with two cam locks.

Windows that are 479mm and under are fitted with one pole and one sash lift. Windows 480mm and over are fitted with two pole eyes and two sash lifts.

Can I have trickle vents and safety restrictors fitted after manufacture?

These items should be included at the point of quotation and ordering. They are not designed to be fitted post manufacture so you would have to order / pay for a new top sash if window has been manufactured.

Does my window have balances or constant force springs?

ECOSlide windows are manufactured with constant force spring each side of frame. These are replaceable if ever damaged.

My sash is not able to tilt, what do I do?

This may be due to a fitting error where the window has been foamed in or packed too tightly, this can result in the tilt arms being hard to tilt inwards. It could also be that the tilt arms are bent which causes them to get stuck. In this case the tilt arms would need to be replaced.

What are the measurements of your profile sections?

All section measurements can be found in the downloads section within our website or click here to view now.

I need images for my website who do I contact?

We have images that are not subject to copyright restriction, please contact our marketing department or click here and fill in a form to request images.

I need Brochures how do I get these?

You can request brochure via our on-line form click here, we will send these out in the post to you free of charge ASAP, you can order between 1-10 per request. (subject to stock levels).

How do I order a showroom display package?

Download the pdf click here fill in all details and return to us as shown, we will then contact you for payment before placing items into production.

How long will my windows take to arrive once ordered?

Once order has been confirmed you will be given an expected delivery date, please note this can change due to unforeseen circumstances. If delays happen you will be notified ASAP.

Do you manufacture arch windows?

Yes we manufacture many types of arched windows from Gothic, True Arch and Swept Head through to Peaked Head options.

How do I order ECOSlide windows?

Once you have submitted a New Client Form and your account has been confirmed, you will need to download and send us an ‘ECOSlide Order Form' to process your order. (Click here to see forms).

Can I order from you if I’m not fensa or certass registered?

To order you need to be a trade company that installs windows. We encourage fitters to be Fensa or Certass registered. We check all company details out before accepting and adding to our database.

Can my windows be used as a fire escape?

Yes we can manufacture egress windows on request.

Do you supply DocQ windows?

Yes we can manufacture DocQ windows on request.

How do I order an energy certificate for my windows?

Click here fill in all details including your VS number to receive certificate.

I have an issue with my window/s who do I contact?

Click on Customer Care under Help & Support in the menu and fill out our Customer Care form. Please fill in all details including your VS job number before submitting. You will receive a return email with a case number and a member of our team will contact you ASAP. This is for Trade customers only.

Nationwide Distribution throughout Ireland & the UK

We have 6 depots spread across Ireland & the UK, meaning we can offer a reliable delivery service to tradespeople nationwide. In addition to our West Wales HQ, our Irish operations are based in Tullow, Co. Carlow. From here, we deliver to locations across the Republic of Ireland, from Dublin to Cork and Galway to Limerick.

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Head Office (South Wales)

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