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Trickle vents help to deliver natural ventilation in buildings

ECOSlide uPVC sash windows come equipped with trickle vents as standard to meet Part F of Building Regulations.

Designed to improve natural ventilation in the home, trickle vents have often proved unpopular with homeowners because they can spoil a window’s aesthetic appeal.

However, thanks to ECOSlide’s ingenious design, this isn’t an issue. The vents are cleverly concealed in the sash rebate, making them virtually invisible.

This means ECOSlide windows can let in fresh air and comply with Part F

What is Part F?

Part F governs ventilation, and in 2022, the government amended it to make it more demanding.

The regulation now states that “all rooms with external walls should have background ventilators”.

Technically, this allows for a wide variety of different ventilation methods – including more complex mechanical ventilation systems as well as simpler solutions like trickle vents.

Part F requires buildings to have sufficient natural ventilation, and as long as that’s achieved, it doesn’t matter which method is used to deliver it.

However, more complex ventilation systems are expensive to buy, tricky to install, and require ongoing maintenance.

Window trickle vents are a much simpler, more cost-effective solution – and that means that, in the vast majority of cases, they’re going to be used instead.

That’s why we ensure ECOSlide sash windows include trickle vents as standard, allowing them to meet minimum ventilation requirements and help projects fulfil Part F.

Why is ventilation needed?

In recent years, the industry has understandably focused on making window and doors as energy efficient as possible.

This is extremely important, both to ensure that Ireland meets its 2050 target for achieving net zero, but also to help homeowners reduce their energy bills.

However, when buildings are too airtight, other problems occur – stale air, excess moisture and mould. Damp and mould in particular can cause lasting damage.

Can you add trickle vents to existing uPVC windows?

It is possible to add trickle vents to existing uPVC windows. Additionally, it’s worth noting that not all uPVC windows are compatible with trickle vents, so it’s best to check with the window manufacturer, like us at Victorian Sliders, or installer before proceeding with installation.

Should trickle vents be left open in winter?

Trickle vents are designed to improve air quality and reduce condensation, but they can also let cold air in. To balance energy efficiency and air quality, it’s generally recommended to keep trickle vents partially open in winter. However, it’s important to adjust them as needed based on temperature and humidity levels. It’s not advised to leave trickle vents fully open at all times, as this can lead to excessive heat loss.

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